Optimize Marketing Efforts With Visitor Intelligence

Leverage powerful visitor data and intuitive reporting to make more targeted marketing decisions inside Salesforce.

Quickly Turn Website Traffic into MQLs

Echoware enables you to capture unique website visitors directly in Salesforce so you can tailor your marketing strategy earlier in the sales process. Our platform captures every website visitor, before they ever fill out a form, so you can see who’s engaging with your content and nurture those leads before they even enter your funnel.

Deliver more revenue from marketing by engaging prospects sooner. Get started with Echoware today.

Benefits for Marketers

Visitor Tracking and Identification

Know who’s hitting your site and what they’re looking at earlier than ever before. Track those visitors all the way through the sales process

Account-Based Targeting

Execute more intelligent account-based marketing campaigns with visitor insights that drill down to the company level

More MQLs and SQLs

Streamline and increase the lead-to-revenue process by identifying high-value content to share with promising leads

Automate Lead Nurturing

Automate workflows, emails, and more to trigger based visitor activity – even if they’ve never filled out a form

How it Works

Echoware generates an Echo ID for every website visitor, enabling you to capture unique website visitor data and report on website engagement metrics right inside Salesforce. You’ll get a better understanding of how users are getting to your website, and which web pages and content assets are pushing leads through from one stage of the sales cycle to the next. And all of this visibility and intelligence is PII-compliant – there’s nothing illegal here.

You’ll know exactly who you’re speaking to with every marketing tactic – a powerful tool when it comes to campaign planning and measuring success.

Leverage Custom Insights for Account-Based Marketing

Account-based marketing (ABM) can help you drum up awareness and engagement from your most coveted prospects, but it’s difficult to execute without knowing specifically who to target and what to put in front of them. Echoware delivers the insights you need to run more intelligent ABM campaigns with targeted, timely and precise content.

Our platform tracks visitor data at the company level, helping you get tailored content in front of high-profile accounts. Echoware also helps you understand what those prospects are viewing on your site. You can use that visitor intelligence to customize content assets and campaign materials based on their interests and needs.

Go Beyond Google Analytics

Unlike Google Analytics, which doesn’t report on individual data, Echoware keeps track of visitor engagement at the individual and browser level. Then, when users fill out a form, all of that data is merged with their contact record in Salesforce. You can easily see what individual users are doing on your site from their very first click.

Our intuitive reporting right inside Salesforce provides you with detailed engagement metrics, giving you critical visibility into the full sales lifecycle. And we provide these robust insights at a much friendlier cost than enterprise-level tools.

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