Introducing Echoware

Get real-time web analytics directly in Salesforce!

Why didn’t somebody think of this sooner?!?

What does Echoware do?

Echoware is a real-time web analytics tool that runs within your organization. It allows your company to track user interaction with your brand from first touch to closing the deal!


As well as tracking all of the standard metrics you’d expect from an enterprise web analytics tool, here are a few extra benefits of Echoware…

Automatic Tracking

Track asset downloads, referring sites, campaigns and more without the need for any additional on-page tags or custom code

Create New Opportunities

Trigger opportunity workflows based on web browsing habits

3rd Party Integrations

Integrates with 3rd party data enrichment tools like Clearbit, Optimizely, etc.

Analytics Reporting

Run custom web analytics reports using Salesforce’s familiar reporting interface or export the data for use in your BI tool of choice

Leads, Contacts & Web Visitors?

Echoware adds a new type of user (Visitors) to the Lead & Contact paradigm. Consider the possibilities!


Data Privacy

NO data is stored in 3rd party systems – it all lives in your Salesforce org. It’s your data to do with as you please!

Know Your Visitors

You’ll be able to see what companies your visitors are coming from without the need for any additional tools

Easy Installation

The tracking script works flawlessly with Google Tag Manager and other 3rd party tracking scripts

What Else Can It Do?

Get To Know Your Visitors

Get granular information regarding your website’s visitors whether they be anonymous or known

No Restrictions

Unlike other analytics solutions there are no restrictions for capturing a visitor’s personal info, like name, email, company, IP, etc.

Analytics AI Ready

If you have a Lightning Enabled org, the analytics will be available to Einstien for predictive analytics


Cookieless Tracking

Echoware is cookie free so no need to rewrite your cookie compliance policy

How Do I Get Started?

Visit our pricing page to pick the package that fits your approximate web traffic. 

Always Here to Help

From tips & tricks to help getting up and running - drop us a line if you need anything and our US-based support team will help you.